Racquet Stringing

St. Johns Racquet Center is proud to present our
PT&E Stringing Service!  

Our fees are affordable, and we can provide a 24 hour turn-around guaranteed.  Have a question about which tension and strings to use?  No worries–our Stringers are here to help.  Below is a price breakdown, as well as a list of our Solinco© strings.


  • Full Service (labor & strings): $35

  • Labor Only: $20

  • Point Card 20% off Discount: $28

  • Express Fee (Under 24-hr Service): Additional $5

Over grips: $2/grip



Tourbite is a newly developed, co-polyester sting designed and shaped to generate extreme power and intense spin. Great for heavy hitters looking to aquire more spin and power.


Revolution is a co-polyester string designed to generate maximum power and control. Revolution is shaped to manipulate ball flight and generate exceptional power.


Outlast is a well rounded co-polyester string designed to provide maximum durability and all-court playability. Outlast is made from a high-powered co-polyester designed and shaped to proved maximum durability and playability.


Barbwire is a co-polyester string designed and shaped to generate maximum spin, while providing all around playability.


Vanquish is a multifilament string offering a combination of touch and control. Because of the way Vanquish is made it is also very soft and great for those who suffer from tennis elbow.